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Chongqing is a fantastic and exciting destination for tourists to explore.

Experience and enjoy the great variety of culture, history, culinary delights, sights, adventure and relaxation to the greatest extent by taking a personally guided tour with James, the host of Chongqinglife.


Why take a tour with Chongqinglife?

While not wishing to stereotypify all Chinese tour groups, there are widespread industry practices that greatly diminish the experience of tourists alike, evidenced through personal experience, that of close confidents, and countless exposes aired throughout national media outlets.

Here are the main sources of discontent.

Forced shopping – Tourists are enticed with very low cost travel and accommodation deals, but are expected to more than make up the difference by coerced shopping trips. Tourists not only suffer financial loss from buying overpriced and unnecessary souvenirs, such as expensive jade bracelets of highly dubious quality, but lose much precious time on what should be an enjoyable holiday experience. Tour operators receive kickbacks of around fifty percent, and reluctant buyers are harassed and threatened into submission.

Regimentation – Tour operators make money by selling tourists full face value attraction tickets while taking advantage of large group discounts they have access to. The result is that they cram as many attractions into the itinerary as possible, meaning you have no time or opportunity to explore at your own leisure, instead adhering to tight schedules behind the heels of flag waving guides as they yell over loudspeakers.

In my experience, the better tours are run by smaller independent operators. I remember a day trip out to Wuzhi (Five Finger) Mountain in Hainan in Sanya. We may have paid a higher sum on paper upfront, but were rewarded with a great day exploring the park with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, without any shenanigans or extra costs.

That is what I will bring for you, a friendly and knowledgeable guided tour of Chongqing, allowing you to experience a wide variety of culture and sights packed into 48 hours, blending the right measure of exploration, freedom and leisure. As the tour price includes all accommodation, meals, transport and entries, you needn’t worry about any logistics and focus purely on enjoying yourself. James, the host of Chongqinglife, will accompany each tour from start to finish.

In future, I hope to offer more destinations municipality wide, allowing you to discover and experience amazing places that most tourists have no opportunity to visit or learn about. Please contact me if you have alternative requests, and I will respond on the feasibility and costs.



Metropolitan area – Central Districts


Day One

Morning – 9am Our party will meet in Jiefangbei (Or other starting point), and first get to know each other over coffee. James will deliver an overview of the three day excursion and answer any quiries. Our first stop will be the People’s Hall and Three Gorges Museum, perhaps the most recognisable building of Chongqing. Our group will have time to explore the museum, and may also choose to visit the People’s Hall (Subject to restrictions). Afternoon – Three Gorges Square is the centre of Shapingba district, well known as for its top schools and cultual heritage. We will stop for lunch at a Tujia minority style restaurant, where you can enjoy a great variety of their tasty dishes together. After lunch, we will head to nearby Ciqikou old town and explore at our own leisure. Evening – There’s no better way to round off a day’s exploration by a night at the hot springs. Once inside, tour members can bathe to their hearts’ content, enjoy a buffet dinner, and settle for the night in a private room after a full body massage.

Day Two

Morning – In the morning, we take a light breakfast before heading to Testbed 2, a former mountaintop printing factory now refurbished as a trendy cultural hotspot. Highlights include a studio belonging to famous local film director Vernon Chen, museums and cityline viewing platforms. Afternoon – Following a Sichuanese style lunch at Testbed 2, we head off to a private Chinese tea house in Nanping District, where you can appreciate the traditional decor and learn about Chinese tea cultural over a personal demonstration by a Chinese hostess. Evening – Next door, we can enjoy the special revolutionary themed hot pot ‘The Army Captain‘, the quinessential Chongqing delicacy, and experience the spicy dish by murials of Mao Zedong, with waiters in green khaki uniform. Finally, we head up to Nanshan, ‘South Mountain,’ to enjoy the city nightview from the comfort of a mountaintop hotel.

Day three

Morning – After breakfast, we drive back down the mountain to the nearby Nanbin Lu, the river road accosting the Yangtze River. Our tour ends with a visit to the French Navy Barracks, a beautifully renovated early nineteenth century building, before having a western style goodbye lunch at the adjacent Changjiahui Centre. Your tour guide will gift each member a travel momento, and take a group photograph to remember the experience by. At this point, the tour officially ends, and members may choose to stay behind and explore the area more, or return to the designated starting point.

Costs, terms and conditions

Price – 2900 RMB per person – Based on minimum group of four people All inclusive – Accommodation (2 nights- shared), transport, lunch, dinner, foot massage, hot springs, Chinese tea, all guide costs. Not included – Personal expenses (Eg. Souvenirs, groceries). Entertainment and attractions not stated on the itinerary. All food and drink outside of main meals. Travel to initial starting point, and onward travel after tour officially ends. Costs incurred by not observing itinerary and instructions. Costs incurred during the excursion may not be redeemed should the tour member decide not to participate. Travel may be on both public or private transport, depending on whichever offers maximum convenience. Massage therapies are based on basic set prices, additional treatments may be chosen at personal expense. Tour fees must be paid in full prior to tour departure by Wechat transfer(RMB), in cash(RMB) at intial meeting point, or transfer to designated Paypal or British bank account. Payments in non Chinese Yuan currency are calculated according to Xe current exchange rates. Please consult me personally for exact figure.


Please feel free to contact me using the form below with specific visitor numbers and dates. Alternatively, you may contact me on Wechat using the QR code in the sidebar.


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