The Mountain City Walkway 山城步道

A delight of Chongqing is the way you can turn a corner and almost travel back in time, from a pulsating ultra modern neon lit metropolis into a quiet, secluded early twentieth century residential pathway frozen in time.

This Mountain City山城(Shan cheng) Walkway is somewhat like this. From either end, one by a courthouse, another by the Zhongshan Hospital中山医院, a small inconspicuous stone entrance leads you on a picturesque journey back in time over paved and wooden pathways, and stairways going up and down whilst affording great views over the Yangtze and towards Nanping District. Inside, there are numerous pretty little residences where people continue to live, and are not troubled by the number of visitors.

When the weather is best around late spring or early autumn, a evening stroll along the near two kilomtre walkway will allow you to explore the and photograph the sights, then also enjoy the fantastic night views over the city.

Driving over the old Yangtze bridge at night, I had seen the walkway lit up magnificently, and had always determined to visit once I had the right opportunity, which came soon after we returned from England in the summer of 2017.

The only disappointment that day was to find the old Eighteen Steps十八梯(Shi ba ti) attraction had finally been demolished for redevelopment.

Anyhow, as I hope you will see from the pictures, a walk along the Mountain City Walkway is a great experience if you are here long enough to visit.


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