Chaotianmen and Raffles Square

Chaotianmen is the famous passenger and commercial port where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers converge, right at the tip of the Yuzhong peninsula. The three character name in Chinese (朝天门) means 'Facing - heaven - gate,' and originates an imperial edict from the Song Dynasty capital of Lin'an, modern day Hangzhou, with instructions to sail … Continue reading Chaotianmen and Raffles Square

Country Retreats – A Riverside Villa

I'm back tracking a little here, but the locations I want to talk about in this post are one of countless dotted around the mountains and riversides in Chongqing, and I'll focus on an example of both settings, and the events that led me to visit them. Many private villas and mansions are scattered around … Continue reading Country Retreats – A Riverside Villa

An afternoon with Ash Dykes

Flicking through the recent posts of the Chongqing British expatriate Wechat group for anything of interest, I came across an advertisement for a public speech from a young Welsh adventurer, at a bookshop I had never visited on the picturesque south bank of the Yangtze river. Since most of the family were going away for … Continue reading An afternoon with Ash Dykes