My National Day Week

Tomorrow sees the 70th anniversary of the PRC, and a full seven days' worth of national holiday to savour. Ceremonial events take place in the days leading up to October 1st and last through the following week, but most naturally concentrate on the eve of the holiday, leaving people to then focus on enjoying themselves. … Continue reading My National Day Week

Twin cities – Leicester

Most are at least familiar with the idea of twin cities, if not actually conscient of its inner workings and substance, as was the case myself. Chongqing is the central focus of my blog, but I would like to explore the city's international reach by introducing each of its sister cities, one by one over … Continue reading Twin cities – Leicester

ESL – Background Information 英语教学工业-背景知识

ESL in China is far too expansive to cover in a single post, so I'm creating a series where you can learn the inns and outs of the industry, its pros and cons, its inspirational figures and downright crooks, its incredible experiences and nightmare level plights. The acronym stands for English as a second language, … Continue reading ESL – Background Information 英语教学工业-背景知识

Close to nature in Tongliang 在铜梁靠近大自然

Here is a retrospective blog post about Tongliang, a satellite city around 70 kilometres to the northwest of Chongqing. Ever the pragmatist, I love to merge the best sights and experiences any out of town location has to offer in fowl swoop. The two Chinese characters for this city are Tong铜, which means 'bronze,' and … Continue reading Close to nature in Tongliang 在铜梁靠近大自然