Lianglukou Huangguan Escalator

Spring is notoriously short in Chongqing. Once the sun breaks through the stubborn blanket of winter cloud around late March, temperatures can blast from single digits right through to the high twenties in a matter of two or three weeks. Today is such a day, and it just happens there's an excuse to go out … Continue reading Lianglukou Huangguan Escalator

Chongqing’s Yellow Taxi Cabs

A bit like New York, the streets of Chongqing are ploughed daily by armies of yellow taxis, but augmented further by a charmingly chaotic array of behaviours and sights to behold. I'm going to be as fair as possible on the taxis and drivers here. The vehicles often cruise or tear through the city 24 … Continue reading Chongqing’s Yellow Taxi Cabs

The Chongqing transportation card 重庆宜居畅通卡

The name 重庆宜居畅通卡 (Chong qing yi ju chang tong ka) literally means something like 'fit for living free flowing card,' where you can in theory travel to your destination on public transport without of the hassle of traffic jams and disruptions. While it is possible to pay in cash on buses by simply dropping coins … Continue reading The Chongqing transportation card 重庆宜居畅通卡