War of Resistance Museum

Blink as you turn the bend, and you'd be forgiven for missing the entire complex! Around halfway between the Golden Eagle and Caribbean Bay (Japanese bath house), a matter of just a few kilometres, you can visit the site of a former Kuomintang (国民党Guo-min-dang) political headquarters in the days when Chongqing was the wartime capital … Continue reading War of Resistance Museum

Chongqing Sichuanese Opera House 重庆川剧院

For years, tucked away in a corner of Gumufeng Intersection 古木峰立交 is the conspicuous Sichuanese Opera Theatre I have driven past on an almost daily basis. Despite its size and grandeur, there is never any publicity on events, and I don't recall ever noticing many people exploring the grounds outside. Finally, my blog has inspired … Continue reading Chongqing Sichuanese Opera House 重庆川剧院