Hotpot – The Army Captain 大队长

Foreword 前言 No blog on Chongqing would be complete without coverage of the city's most famous export, hotpot. Originating from the steps of Chaotianmen Docks in days long bygone, where manual laborers armed with bamboo poles would jostle furiously to load and carry off goods, wares and perishables up the steep peninsula. As Sichuan is … Continue reading Hotpot – The Army Captain 大队长

Top 6 delicacies I miss out on

Don't get me wrong. One man's meat is another man's poison. While I consistently found it impossible to acquire a taste for the following list, it's down to the the body parts involved rather than the condiments, which are top notch half the time. I can also claim to have tried these personally, so at … Continue reading Top 6 delicacies I miss out on