As my blog reaches its hundredth post, I would like to thank everybody from all corners of the world who have followed my work promoting life, culture, travel and Mandarin in Chongqing.

I have always loved writing, so Chongqinglife has proven a great way to share my skills and enthusiasm with a global audience, whilst providing valuable insights on a rich variety of topics associated with Mountain City.

At the same time, research, preparation, writing, and costs ranging from website maintenance and travel come out of my own time, energy and pocket. For example, I will soon begin personally experiencing ChinaTravelGuide Tours and bring you the whole story in a series of blog posts, starting with the SG13 four day tour of Beijing.

While feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, both through my website and social media platforms, there are still limitations inhibiting me from producing the best quality content I would ideally like.

A higher level of readership support would allow me to devote more time to research, writing more thorough articles, editing posts for increased readability, investment in more attractive website themes, and paid plug-ins such as AI translation.

More plentiful resources would enable me to widen horizons by exploring great locations, history, culture and travel throughout the municipality, as there are countless treasures to discover outside the main city itself.

I wish to keep Chongqinglife free of corporate advertising for a better user experience, so I would therefore like to reach out to potential sponsors and individuals who are in a position to support its development through donations.

Readers can support Chongqinglife through affiliate outlets such as TutorMandarin courses, TEFL training for would be English teachers worldwide. You can also consider founding your own website through this WordPress link.

Chinatravelguide has over twenty years of experience catering specifically to foreign tourists, and enjoys great customer satisfaction. You can access their tours through my website portal and choose from a wide selection of destinations.

In return for you support, I will continue bringing you the best of Chongqing through my blog posts free of charge. Also, many readers add me personally on Wechat and ask me for advice. You’re always welcome to do so about any of the above services.

Alternatively, please consider a donation of any amount, whether it be a single gesture or regular contribution. Please accept my deep gratitude in advance should you decide to support Chongqinglife this way.

Thank you.


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