Have you ever suffered from neck pain that causes you regular discomfort, affects your daily activities and enjoyment of life, even robbing you of well earned sleep?

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If you the answer is yes, then welcome to the club. There are tens of millions of people who suffer from chronic neck pain that causes millions of lost work days and preventable misery for others.

Like yourself, I suffered from chronic neck pain for most of my adult life. Sitting down, I would avoid turning my neck or shoulders out of fear the pain would return. At work or during exercise, the discomfort would disturb my concentration and reduce productivity. Massaging the area often seemed to make the situation worse, and come nighttime, the burning sensation would make falling asleep more diffucult, and however much I did sleep was of lower quality.

A therapist and friend based in Chongqing recommended I use a memory foam pillow, specially designed and shaped to support the head, neck and shoulders. I tried one of the samples, immediately feeling it was more confortable and supportive of my neck, which convinced me to buy one there and then.

That was around five years ago, and ever since, I have used the exact same pillow night after night. The pain quickly subsided, my quality of sleep improved, and my general mobility and enjoyment of life improved drastically.

As millions, including myself, can vouch for, it’s true that long term chronic ailments can have the simplest of solutions, if only you are fortunate enough to learn of them.


Practical advice when you receive your pillow

Like when you change matresses, it may take you a few days to adjust to the new position and feel the benefits. But trust me, you won’t want to sleep without one ever again!

The fabrics used contain no chemical traces and are safe to use out of its packaging. However, you can air the pillow for a few days and clear out the foam odour if you find it too strong.


Why should I invest in an orthopaedic foam pillow now?

  • The waved shape of the pillow helps the user maintain the correct spinal position, eliminating stress on bones, ligaments and muscles to allow for good quality sleep free of pain.
  • With a cover made of bamboo fibres, the soft breatheable material offers you maximum comfort with no sweat or heat build-up. They are extremely simple to remove, wash and place back over the pillow.
  • Manufactured in Europe, Dreamzie foam pillows meet all health standards with no traces of chemical products, offering you safety of use in addition to optimal comfort.
  • Orthopaedic pillows are suitable and beneficial for users of all ages, from children, adults through to the elderly.
  • The high level of durability means one pillow can bring you long term pain relief, comfort and quality sleep for many years to come.


What are you waiting for?

Wave farewell to chronic neck pain for yourself, your friends and family!

Purchase your orthopaedic pillow and say goodbye to neck pain now! (Amazon UK Affiliate link)

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