Natural weight loss



The procedure for holistic weight less and improved general health contained in the attachment has been used effectively by millions of people worldwide. However, you should be informed that this method is not prescribed by conventional medical practitioners, and I, the author of the attachment, have no medical background, and base the treatment detailed based on personal learning and experience only.

Furthermore, although the procedure is entirely safe and painless, and involves no prescribed medication, it is vital that you are fully aware of the responsibility to perform the steps precisely as described, and are able and willing to complete the whole course the monthly treatment without cessation.

This course of treatment is not recommended for the weak, elderly, or those suffering from life threatening conditions. I, the author, take no personal responsibility for injury, sickness or death resulting from improper use of this treatment. By downloading the document below, you assume all personal responsibility and agree to the terms stated above.


That aside, let me give you some background

Until my early thirties, I had always been slim, being neither under nor overweight.

Then I had a few years where I was involved in running a private training academy that took up my every waking hour, and any time in between was spent eating out or guzzling ultra high calorie coffee drinks from well known establishments.

By 2016, I had grown a hefty paunch that correlated well with a body weight of 85 kilograms. Chinese relatives couldn’t help poking fun at me in person and commenting on photographs I appeared in.

Free of the academy, I organised five a side football twice a week for two hours in addition to my gym workouts. There was a little improvement. I went from gasping for breath after five minutes, to managing a full but leisurely session without collapsing at the end.

Once winter was closing in, I gave up the football. The weather wasn’t conducive, and there were too many no-shows that made the games unbalanced.

A good friend of mine suggested we take up squash, and I loved the sport from the word go. Thinking I would hold out well based on the football, I found again that I was gasping for breath after five minutes.

Fast forward two years. I could by now play a full hour without collapsing, but I was still fat. My weight was hovering around 83 kilograms, but it just wouldn’t shift no matter how hard I worked and how well I ate.

I searched everywhere online for the solution. I saw all of the diets and lifestyle regimes I could possibly search for, but nothing helped. I began to lose faith.

Then I found the answer in the summer of 2018 that solved this problem for me quickly once and for all. It blows my mind that this secret has been hidden from the population so well, because it is virtually cost free compared to conventional treatments and health regimes. It’s also simple enough for anybody to do at home, it’s perfectly safe, painless, and doesn’t directly involve any exercise or diet changes, though I still recommend you improve on these as part of a healthy lifestyle in general.

In the space of six months, my body weight has gone from over 83 kilograms to under 77. It may not sound much, but my paunch is now a flat stomach, and people who hadn’t seen me the past year have almost fainted when they see me now. People have been so amazed that they are asking me in earnest how I pulled it off.

That’s what I want to share with you. The method I will explain and show in a practical manner involves no diet, exercise or medication. What you will need is willingness to embrace a more holistic philosophy on health, plus the self discipline and willpower to carefully follow all the steps correctly through to the end.

Not only will you regain a healthy weight and body shape, but many other niggling ailments will disappear, too. I had a calcification in my neck which had caused me pain and discomfort for years which quickly healed. My symptoms of general fatigue also went away, and I now have good energy levels, concentration and clarity of thought.

All that I ask is that you support my website by downloading the link below. It is vital that you follow the steps to the letter, and have the willpower to see the process through to its conclusion. You can message me personally if you have any queries, and I will answer you as soon as possible with any directions and advice you may need.

This is will be the best ten dollars you ever spend. I promise!

Thank you.