I have studied and lived Mandarin for the past sixteen years, ever since I first arrived in China as a graduate in 2003.

While admittedly not perfect, I have succeeded in learning Mandarin Chinese to an advanced level after starting as a complete adult beginner.

Becoming proficient in Chinese requires the learner to overcome a finite set of unique challenges, yet many native speakers lack the experience and ability to help foreign students achieve this aim.

There are already fantastic resources for Mandarin Chinese on a variety of media platforms, as well as publications in China and worldwide.

For this reason, I want to pinpoint specific issues that foreign learners through a Q&A format. Readers are always welcome to ask me about any difficulty they have encountered in learning Chinese, and I will post a detailed explanation with examples.

Additionally, I will offer an increasing amount of Mandarin resources available for download for a nominal charge, and I hope readers who are interested offer their support in return for my assistance and blog posts.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to us learning Mandarin better together!


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