Liziba Park 李子坝公园

liziba Park 李子坝抗争遗址公园

On the south bank of the Jialing River is a peaceful and attractive park, overlooked by Eling Park high above, and was opened back in 2008. The grounds are narrowly squeezed between two busy roads and the river, but is a good 1800 metres long. The building style is kind of old bricked revolutionary style, and it’s possible to spend an hour or two walking around and taking in views of the river and flourishing North River Road北滨路 on the opposite bank. When the water level is lower outside the summer, it is possible to walk down onto the sandbanks for a closer look.

The waters of the Jialing river are cold, turbid and fast flowing, so you will want to save any thoughts of swimming for the water parks, swimming baths and hot springs.

Occasionally, there park is used to host events. Back in May 2017, there was a ‘British Event’ to celebrate one of the queen’s birthdays, and many local British residents made the effort to set up stalls offering snacks, handicrafts and information about UK travel and education. In the main square, young enthusiasts showed Chinese youngsters the ropes of cricket, football and rugby.

The central location of Liziba, and its position between Liziba and Fotuguan佛图关 stations on Line 2 make it accessible enough to visitors. While not as grand as other parks in the city, it does make for a pleasant stroll if you happen to be nearby on a good day weather wise.


The most inane tourist hotspot in Chongqing

The Chongqing Metro line 2 runs between Yudong鱼洞 in the far south of the city, and takes a northerly route through Yangjiaping杨家坪 before turning east along the south bank of the Jialing River嘉陵江 until it reaches Jiaojiangkou较场口 in the central district area of Jiefangbei解放碑.

Along the riverside stretch, there is a station named Liziba李子坝站 which is nothing out of the ordinary, except that the station is located on the Xth floor of the X apartment complex, and the tracks actually enter and exit from either end.

Having never given it much further thought, the acclaimed aussie chef and part owner of the Blue Olive restaurant at the entrance to the park expressed his bemusement to me at the number of tourists visiting Chongqing came to witness the monorail trains passing through the building, and taking journeys expressly to experience travelling through the station.

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