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My name is James, and I’m your host of Chongqinglife.


Allow me introduce myself.


Originally from Leicester in the UK, I first came to Chongqing in 2003 as a graduate in French and Italian. My thinking at the time was to experience life and work in China for a year, and then return home. However, as happens to many, I ended up marrying a Chongqing woman, and with the exception of four years in Gyeonggido, South Korea, have lived here ever since.


My greatest passions outside of familial duties are reading, squash, cycling, piano, classical music, travel, the outdoors, and learning Chinese.


Work for me mostly entails private tuition, educational and outdoor activity tours, Chinese to English translation, online blogging, commerce, and domestic tourism consulting in China. As you see, I love variety in daily life, opportunities to meet people, broaden horizons, and treat the world as my office.


Over the years, I have managed to learn Mandarin to an advanced level, and that has helped me further understand the culture, communicate with people independently, and see what Chongqing Municipality has to offer the world and individual.


The aim of my blog is to offer a world audience the opportunity to gain a deep and personal understanding of the municipality, but also awareness of the practical issues that overseas residents and visitors experience when living in China.


Chongqing is the common thread that links the wide variety my content, from the city itself, cultural norms, ESL, Mandarin language, advice, twin cities, and out of town travel with Chongqing being the start and end points.


Unlike platforms where people take negative or polarising stances,  I want to give fair hearing to all aspects of life, the good, the bad and the ugly. At the same time, I want to explain in a way that non Chinese readers can relate to, on the different mentality and cultural norms that may cause overseas residents to perceive life here in an overly negative manner.


I would like to maintain close interaction with all my followers. Please subscribe to my website, click the like buttons, follow my page on Facebook, and don’t forget to share with friends and family if you like my content.


Even if you don’t know China well, I hope chongqinglife can become a starting point on a journey to understanding this unique and fascinating country. I hope my Englishman’s perspective offers you a clear and entertaining insight into Chongqing in a style you can easily relate to.


Some aspects of life are pretty universal, even in China, so I’ll always refrain from mundane topics like malls, shopping, television, etc. instead, I’ll always do my best to bring you interesting, unique, and practical accounts on q regular basis.


So far, it’s been a pleasure writing my blog posts, and nothing pleases me more than exploring one of the countless attractions, then taking a quiet morning or afternoon to ponder my experiences over coffee or Chinese tea, before expressing myself to readers all over the world, from the heart, with the written word.


Readers have prompted me to the fact younger generations now tend to prefer the video over written articles, so I will attempt to bridge the gap by adding multimedia content to my posts.


As a relatively non tech-savvy guy from the early 80s, creating my website has been surprisingly easy. Should you feel inspired in any way to try for yourself, then begin your journey now by clicking here, on my webpage header, or link at the bottom. Use the DISCOUNT20 code to save 20% off all WordPress plans.


From inception to completion, in spite of the occasional inadequacy, a normal blog usually post takes an entire day. I will always keep these open for my readers, but do consider supporting my work through links, downloads, commerce or donations. Any gesture would be received with heartfelt gratitude, I will invest proceeds towards improving user experiences on my site, such as pro versions of plugin services.


You are welcome to add me on Wechat using the QR code, or contact me through Facebook or the website itself.


Naturally, nobody’s perfect, so please offer your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and any questions you would like to ask.


Thank you, and enjoy the blog.




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