ESL Secrets

Are you interested in experiencing life in China whilst earning money at the same time?

The demand for ESL teachers is as strong as ever, but there are many traps set for the unwary would be foreign teacher that separate you from your dream job.

In all my years in China, I have heard or experienced personally all the pitfalls you need to be aware of to enjoy your time here without any mishap.

The link below is a document I have prepared that explains in detail what you need to know at all stages, from when you first think about coming to China, to actually working here and leaving at the end, the whole process.

It’s not only documentation you need. You must understand Chinese working culture and relations, the mentality and expectations of students and parents, all the social taboos, and perhaps most importantly, the trappings that could land you in serious trouble.

Just as important is your teaching skills. I will reveal exactly how you can make classes of any age and size go like clockwork, gain the respect and admiration of students, and also tell you directly the materials you need to teach well.

Finally, of interest to all I expect, is how to maximise your income, as I can tell you that most ESL teachers are underpaid and overworked, and don’t understand or have the confidence to receive their full and just rewards.

Should you be interested in coming to Chongqing or neighbouring provinces to work in ESL, please support my website by downloading the following link. I will be happy to answer or discuss any further questions you may have.

Many thanks.