• When people refer to the central district of Chongqing, the long narrow peninsula that runs runs east and west between the two great rivers, there is a lot of overlap between the names of Jiefangbei and […]

  • The official name for this area of Chongqing is ‘Pengshui Self-Governing Prefecture of the Miao and Tujia Ethnic Minorities彭水苗族土家族自治县.’

    China is home to 56 native ethnic groups, many of whom continue to li […]

  • Out of the blue one day last week, a young lady from Dalian added me as a contact on QQ through a Chongqing foreigners’ group, and asked if I would be interested in taking part in an amateur jet ski race, an […]

  • As daylight fades, small armies of middle aged and elderly ladies emerge from their apartment blocks to congregate in their communal square, a public space, or even in corners of an underground parking garages […]

  • Back in 2016, my escape route from the cold overcast skies of the Sichuan Basin took me to Weizhou, a small picturesque volcanic island that rises out of the sea forty kilometres off the coast of Beihai北海 to the […]

  • Discreetly tucked away on the Yuzhong peninsula, the People’s Hall人民大礼堂 and Three Gorges Museum三峡博物馆 occupy either side of Chongqing People’s Square重庆人民广场. I’ve included both in this post, as you can easily vi […]

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  • On this day, we received an invite to attend a qipao and Chinese tea social event, held at a friend’s exquisitely designed tailor showroom named Chunyi Qimei纯懿七美, based on the 18th floor of a commercial high ri […]

  • The Chongqing Grand Theatre重庆大剧院 is virtually at the tip of the Jiangbeizui peninsula, a piece of land that accosts the convergence point of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers.

    As a small anecdote, many Chin […]

  • It’s a late April evening, and as I sweat it out at home in my loosest fitting shorts and vest, my mind to turns to a question that occurs to every Chongqing resident on a yearly basis.

    Chongqing, along […]

  • The Dead Sea of China is a giant indoor and outdoor water park geared mainly for the busy summer season, as the most of the pools are not heated. The exception is the smaller indoor dead sea pool, where you can […]


    La Marine Francaise is a former French Navy Barracks dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Having fallen derelict for more than half a century, it has undergone an incredible restoration, w […]

  • Chongqing is sometimes erroneously described as being the most populated city in the world at thirty plus million inhabitants.

    The problem is that the actual city of Chongqing has around 11 million, with the rest […]

  • Study these two photos a moment and answer me one question. Are the two buildings the same place?

    If your answer is something like ‘Of course not! Are you blind?’ then you are mistaken, my friend.

    Vaguely […]

  • Thursday, 31st January.

    It’s time for the Spring Festival folks! 春节来啦!

    Chinese New Year falls on February 5th, so we’re packing our gear and getting ready to leave the cold and grey climes behind and enjoy som […]

  • A top favourite activity of mine ever since my first weeks in Chongqing is without doubt the hot springs.

    I will introduce a popular resort within easy reach of tourists, and explain how a foreign tourist can […]

  • Back in around 2004, I believe, the green card became available for foreigners who satisfy a certain range of criteria.

    Unless you have a few million dollars spare to invest in China, or can make some momentus […]