The Lianglukou Huangguan Escalator 两路口皇冠大扶梯

Spring is notoriously short in Chongqing. Once the sun breaks through the stubborn blanket of winter cloud around late March, temperatures can blast from single digits right through to the high twenties in a matter of two or three weeks. Today is such a day, and it just happens there's an excuse to go out … Continue reading The Lianglukou Huangguan Escalator 两路口皇冠大扶梯

Loyalty City – Zhongxian 忠县

Chongqing is sometimes erroneously described as being the most populated city in the world at thirty plus million inhabitants. The problem is that the actual city of Chongqing has around 11 million, with the rest shared between other cities in the larger Chongqing Municipality, which covers an area similar in size to England. The municipality … Continue reading Loyalty City – Zhongxian 忠县

The Chongqing Squash Scene 重庆的壁球圈子

First, do allow me brief personal anecdote you might possibly relate to. For my entire youth, my twenties and up to my mid thirties I had always been very trim. But, I typically reached that point in life where all of a sudden, the belly began to protrude, my legs and my arms bloated, and … Continue reading The Chongqing Squash Scene 重庆的壁球圈子

A Getaway in Nanjing 南京两日游

Party time! One occupation and passion of my wife involves being a representative for Vorwerk China, a German home appliance manufacturer that first entered the Chinese market in 1994. The centre-piece is the Thermomix multi-purpose cooking machine. Rather than simply selling through retailers, or directly online, the sales model they use is a network of … Continue reading A Getaway in Nanjing 南京两日游

Chinese Marriage Booklets 中式结婚证

Here, I would like to explain the practical side of tying the knot in China and obtaining a notarised version so that the certificate is recognised abroad. Perhaps you are at a stage in China where you are thinking about this step, or maybe just want to satisfy a curiousity on how a foreigner can … Continue reading Chinese Marriage Booklets 中式结婚证