Road Trip Series – Xishuangbanna

Thursday, 31st January. It's time for the Spring Festival folks! 春节来啦! Chinese New Year falls on February 5th, so we're packing our gear and getting ready to leave the cold and grey climes behind and enjoy some warmth and sunshine, for a few days at least. The plan is to set off from Chongqing, and … Continue reading Road Trip Series – Xishuangbanna

The origin and meaning of the name Chongqing 重庆

Where does the name 'Chongqing' come from? Let's look at the historical origin of the name, and then discuss the two Chinese characters of 'Chong' and 'Qing.' First of all, I would like to quote from the Lonely Planet on the origins of the name. Chongqing means 'double happiness' or 'repeated good luck.' It was … Continue reading The origin and meaning of the name Chongqing 重庆

Duishan Country Resort对山居

An experience that many foreign residents and almost visitors vistors miss out on is the country resort. There are a number of reasons for this, the main ones being that they are well hidden away, little advertised, Chinese orientated, and qenerally quite inacessible without personal transport. Most country resorts are in mountainous areas, where the … Continue reading Duishan Country Resort对山居

Polyphonic characters多音字

A list of commonly used polyphonic characters Mastering polyphonic characters is one of the biggest challenges in learning Chinese, yet it is often overlooked at the beginner stage, leading many students into years of confusion, or in my case, almost completely obliviousness to them in the first two years studying the language. Students naturally like … Continue reading Polyphonic characters多音字