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My name is James, and I’m your host of this website. I first came to Chongqing in 2003, and with the exception of four years spent living in South Korea, I have been here ever since.

The aim of my blog is to offer a world audience the opportunity to gain a deep and personal understanding of the municipality, but also awareness of the practical issues that overseas residents and visitors experience when living in Chongqing.

In the near future, I intend to develop my website focused specially on learning Mandarin Chinese. Keep an eye on this link for exciting content soon Learn Mandarin Chinese

I would like to maintain close interaction with all my followers, so you are welcome to add me on Wechat using the QR code at the end of this message. You can offer thoughts and comments, ask questions about living in China, or inquire further on the products linked to my website.

Finally, I would be extremely grateful for any comments and requests you have to offer, and I will do my best to act upon the messages I receive.

Thank you, and enjoy the journey.


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Chongqing is sometimes erroneously described as being the most populated city in the world at thirty plus million inhabitants. The problem is that the actual city of Chongqing has around 11 million, with the rest shared between other cities in the larger Chongqing Municipality, which covers an area similar in size to England. The municipality … Continue reading Zhongxian County忠县

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Party time! One occupation and passion of my wife involves being a representative for Vorwerk China, a German home appliance manufacturer that first entered the Chinese market in 1994. The centre-piece is the Thermomix multi-purpose cooking machine. Rather than simply selling through retailers, or directly online, the sales model they use is a network of … Continue reading A getaway in Nanjing

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